favorites hehe

the good good (medias!)

this is just a evil mansion for no reason

these are some of my major interests and just things i like :D

still listing things! give me a while lol ♣

dai dark!

very unique scifi manga by Q Hayashida! its still ongoing SO READ IT PLEASE



im a dorohedoro veretan ive been in the trenches... ive seen the horrors of it all...

ive been here since before the anime was announced . help


transformers more than meets the eye.im on the floor crying and throwing up about it and hyperfixated on it please help

serving #decepticunt

also like. every other continuity ever. those robots are in my head forever

go watch transformers victory


Golden Kamuy

its so stupuid let me be real with you i havent read the past 20 chapters but its so good. weird as shit.

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