never the same person for more than 30 seconds

about me!


Hi! my name is Link, im 18

my pronouns are they/them (or circ/circuit if we are friends)

some of my interests are gaming, manga and comics, old horror movies, and sum animes :P

feel free 2 dm me, just be aware that i suck at talking to people sometimes

my favorite media :P

i have a n24 sleep disorder (so the time that im online will change from day to day)

^ me lol


PLEASE DNI if you are younger than 14

-if you are older than 25 or are cishet please ask to follow!

(unless we are already mutuals/pals)

regular dnis apply, dni if you are against unconventional transitions or gnc ppl,

dni if you are a bootlicker, or are a NT disney adult, and dni if you are a debate account

cis she/theys and mcyt fans r on thin ice (seriously)

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