my destiny 2 ocs boyyyyyyy

i am a filthy arc warlock main

(ask me about my sparrow tricks. )

name - Grease-7 (He/Him) Bingo-11 (They/Them) Maudlin-27 (He/Her/It)
ghost - Pool (short for pool water) (He/Him) Petunia (She/Her) Cookie (They/Them)
subclass - Solar/Void Warlock Stasis Titan Arc/Strand Hunter
height - 5'11 6'7 5'5
aboutt? - -a bit of an asshole to people who arent his friends
-likes to walk places a bit too much
(he thinks he has more stamina than he actually does..)
-a night owl, but his ghost loves sunrises and mornings so they often stay up all night together
-his ghost is his rock, without him Grease would be SO lost
-prefers a smaller fireteam
-likes to lurk...
-lacks spacial awareness sometimes, and is suprisingly clumsy outside of battle
-prefers to stay near civilization & enjoys a good crowd
-their ghost LOVES explosions. too much. a bit fanatical
-they dont place much of their trust in the light, they did use a lot of arc energy early on as a lightbearer
(partially because petunia liked the explosions) but they never really felt like they were out of battle because, to them, arc energy was too similar to the energy keeping them alive
-they arent extremely smart but they always enjoy trying new things!! They are extremely tenacious

-considering becoming a DJ..
-wants the sparrow racing league to return SO badly
(He illegally modded her sparrow.)
-its ghost is level-headed, but they enjoy getting up to mischief with maudlin
-He collects cool looking guns. unfortunately every gun looks cool to her so it has way too many guns in her apartment
-listens to music during activites, but sometimes forgets to turn it off when people are talking to her
favorite activities - Crucible Survival 3v3s and lunar patrols Gambit and blind well defense Crucible Rift 3v3s and raids (specifically last wish)



my regular outfit :) warlock with spurs



i dont have many images of it. blow me up

ghost playdate

guardians love to find holes in the map

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