about me!


my real person name is Link, i am a 19 year old transsexual and im going to GET YOU

my pronouns are they/them :)

i am super into transformers, ultrakill, destiny 2, drhdr, and dai dark right now,

gendered terms are ok for me but only if its super funny,

DMs are OK, and spam likes are also ok, my favorite colors

are red and green and pink, i love outsider art

and i think cats are awesome :D


i love lists

my favorite media (always a wip :P) my favorite games (ALSO always a wip LOL)

general life rules i follow:

1: i would never willingly buy a funko pop (aside from my megatron keychain i chew on)

2: making no sense is the only way to make sense

3: i think i can still beat you even if you are taller than me

3b: i am approaching your location

4: what the fuck are you doing if you arent having fun,

maximize your enjoyment time before it gets taken from you

5: not everyone belongs everywhere, and some places are not meant for you


(jenny holzer)

(tell me if you need trigger warnings for specific things)

^ me lol

(i had to stop dying my hair and bleaching it every other week because it was CRISP
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