PLEASE DNI if you are younger than 15

-if you are older than 25 or are cis please ask to follow!

(unless we are already mutuals/pals elsewhere)

no proshippers or pedos, TERFs/radfems fuck off, dni if you are against unconventional transitions or gnc people, NFT supporters dni,

dont interact if you like "dark fiction", and no bootlickers or debate accounts either

i will block you if you follow or interact with me and i think you are one of these ↑

if you identify as any of these i will not fight you or hear you out. my accounts are not for you to enjoy

if you ever see that ive accidentally followed/ interacted with someone bad PLEASE dm me about it.

i dont usually research the accounts i like posts from/ reblog from, and i would never purposefully interact with someone problematic

^ this especially in the tf fandom space because i know a lot of creators can be creeps.

ok bye